Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What a wonderful trip for 10 Days

Day 5 .. 3rd Jan 2012

It's a ticket booking, praying, textile visiting and dinner at Hello Kitty Sweet day ◕‿◕

We went to Taipei Station to book our ticket tKaohsiung 高雄 departing on 5th Jan 2012. So happy. This is so unexpected but we are going there. Hehehe .. Thank you dd ... 

Beside buying a ticket to Kaohsiung 高雄, dd brought me to Yongle Market市場 to get textile and accessories parts which I'm looking for. It's a distant to walk even thought we took train and bus to get us to the place. We met 2 nice friendly ladies who direct us to the market & even told us to visit a temple老廟 to blessed for future marriage and very ling ohh. So we went there pray pray before heading to Yongle Market. But I got burnt twice by the joss stick. Opps!!!
Here we are at Hello Kitty Sweet. The theme of this restaurant was great. But not for the food which was served. Texture for Seafood Spaghetti was over cooked and the Baked rice was average too. We loved good food. Unfortunately, after our main course, we didn't order any further cause we find the food quality was average. We didn't try the dessert that doesn't mean it's not good. They might served really good dessert than main course. 
I'll try the dessert if I return in future.
We rated just 3/5 for the concept of the cafe and presentation for the dessert. 

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