Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What a wonderful trip for 10 Days

Day 4 .. 2nd Jan 2012

It's our very first visit for Hot Spring. Hurray !!!!  Great experience for us. We've also visited another night market near Guting Station, Shida Night Market 達夜市. Taipei is famous for numerous night markets in the city where you find people shopping & eating. Most of the stores open till midnight. 

Woke up early & get ready to Taipei Station Terminal & get our ticket to Jiaosi.  
While dd went to get our bus ticket to Jiaosi at Yilan. I went to buy Mos Burger and my favorite 500ml Yakult to fill our stomach before we board the bus.
After 1.5hrs on road, we have reached Evergreen Resort Hotel at Jiaosi
Yuppie!! Getting ready for our every first Hotspring at their 屋. We've booked for the deluxe room which comes in 2 Soup! Haha !! A Cold & A Hot!! Of cause we went for Hot because its so cold that day.   We've even bought some of Jiaosi speciality before we board our bus back to Taipei. ^.^ 
Most photos are still with my dd. Will load more when I get them cause there's more pictures which I wanna share. 
Another night market visit at Shida Night Market 達夜市. 
Check out the Big Crepe. We bought a Mixed Fruit crepe. It was so yummie! Love It !!! 
Look what is my dd doing.. Buying his favorite BBQ food again ohh.. He's all ready to pick his favorites.

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