Thursday, January 12, 2012

What a wonderful trip for 10 Days

Day 6 .. 4th Jan 2012

Today's lunch is out of Taipei City. I've made a reservation 1 month ahead cause it's always fully booked. They do not take walk in cause the among of food they prepared is base on the reservation list. 
We went all the way to 新北市 to have our awesome lunch at 食養山房 新北市汐止區汐萬路三段350巷7號 
We took a train from Taipei Station and switch to brown line and alight at Nehu Station 內湖. The restaurant is 15km away from the station and it takes approximate 35min for a Taxi to get there and the fare is about TWN330. 
This place was really awesome. Both of us had enjoy a wonderful and special lunch which we have never tried in Singapore. There's no menu so every dishes that was served are full of surprises. 
食養山房 is all about oriental, calligraphy, light, greenery, air, natural, breeze, warmth and cosy. 
DD is not the only one company me thru out the lunch. We've another company, he is 猫咪. He has been seating on my lap thru out our lunch. Partly because the weather was freezing cold and he need someone to give him warmth and he has chosen me .. Maybe he knows I will not reject him. ^.^
 After our lunch at 食養山房 we went to this mall.. Forgot which station to get there but will update. Cause most information is in dd's travel book ... 
This is a Explode Egg Cake. Haha ... When you bite on it, the chocolate lava will just flow out. But caution !!! Cause its very hot ohh.. !!! But I will love to eat this again when I'm there. It's really delicious. 
 This is one of the most popular potato which Guess variety show strongly suggest at 西門丁. We did tried. Indeed it's yummy. Not oily and filled with lots of ingredient in it ohh.. We brought this back to the hotel & eat while we watch TV show. 

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