Friday, January 13, 2012

What a wonderful trip for 10 Days

Day 7 .. 5th Jan 2012
Yawn !!! We woke up at 5.30am to catch our 7.45am High Rail Speed Train to Zuoying 
So hungry while we're on board but I'm still excited cause it's our first time taking 臺灣鑄 together. 
The train travel up to 262km/hr. If you're hungry, food can be purchased when you are on board. Cause its an early morning so we fell asleep on board without buying any food. 

Finally, we've reached Zuoying Station after 2hrsTo get to E-Da Theme Park義大遊樂世界, take a shuttle bus outside Zuoying station about 20min drive to reach destination.

We're both hungry while waiting for the next shuttle to arrive. These conversation just came about between myself and dd: 
me: dd I'm hungry. Let me get you some food and while you're queuing ok?
dd: Are you sure you know the way to get there?
me: yes of cause. No worries I know my way to the Macdonal. But I left about 10mins, return empty handled cause I couldn't find my way to Macdonal  
dd: Look up there! Macdonal is at 3rd floor. Take the escalator then will take me there.
me: haha ... I took the escalator down to basement (MRT station) I'm so blur. 

Fare for  臺灣鑄 is TWN 1490 and Shuttle Bus to E-DA is TWN 33
Here we are .. After our breakfast cum lunch at E-Da Theme Park義大遊樂世界MacdonalWhen we arrive it was still early so there's not much crowd. So we went around taking lots of pictures. There's many rides in the theme park but because I'm scared of high risk rides so I dare not take. Poor dd just accompany me taking those kiddies ride. Thank you my best of the best dd ... 
(will load my adventure pictures soon) 
Before we went for our ferris wheel ride, we got ourself a stamp incase we need to re enter the theme park.  
I was so excited when dd say we're heading to the ferris wheel ride. 
When we're on the ride, I start taking pictures, laughing all the way. 
Unfortunately, when the ride gets higher and due to the wind direction it gets quite shakey and I was frightened at that point of time. Again, my poor dd is there to comfy me again. Just feel I'm so super lousy.
Well, when we're on ground we took numerous of picture outside the ferris wheel cabin. And the pictures turn out to be so pretty.  
(will upload more pictures soon) 
After the ride, we took the shuttle bus back to Zuoying Station. Due to the Jam, it takes about 30min to reach. Guess where did we go again? It's a night market in 高雄. DD ate lots of food again ohh.. But the most important, I'm always there to accompany my dd to finish some potion of what he order. So dd can have more variety of food to enjoy. We have also bought 1 dozen of BBQ cracker back home. It's so yummy. 

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