Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What a wonderful trip for 10 Days

Day 2 .. 31st Dec 2011
Yuppie !! Guess where we're going today? Hehe .. We planned to go 101 for Countdown but gave it a passed. We don't think we can get into the crowd. So we head down to Shilin Night Market 士林夜市to spend our countdown there. Before all the night program, check our our how we spend our afternoon.  

We're heading to Dazzling Cafe Pink at 台北市忠孝東路四段205巷7弄11號1樓. Have booked one month before we were there. Reservation is only open 16th of every month, 12noon onwards till 6pm. I called 3.5hrs to get thru on 16th Nov. You're only allowed 90min to dine in the cafe. If you didn;t make any reservation, your waiting time is about 1.5-2hrs to get a table.  
We had a Smoked Chicken Sandwich & Mont Blanc Toast which is their signature dessert. It's a must to order during your first visit cause it's served limited pieces daily. Unlike the rest of the toast. 
We'll make our way there again if we revisit Taipei again. 
But we both rated 4.5/5 to Dazzling Pink.  
After our our great brunch at Dazzling Pink, we walk passed Hello Kitty Sweet & make a reservation to try their dinner on 3rd Jan 2012 at 7pm. 
Shopping @ SOGO and I got some cosmetic from Jill Stuart including their Winter Collection. I'm not a make up fanatic but just love the packaging & the colous from this brand. So sweet & pretty ^.^ 
After shopping, we went food court for our dinner. We both got ourself a slice of 千層蛋糕 after dinner. Blueberry for dd and Tiramisu flavor for myself. 
The cake can only be consume after 20min. Guess where we had our cake.. While waiting, we took a train to IT mall and we had our cake outside the train station under a tree with light breeze of wind and enjoy our dessert at a road side. Hehe .. So romantic ..  
Here we are at Shilin Night Market 士林夜市after visiting the IT mall. Look at the crowd! It's floated with people around. 士林夜市 is a food paradise. Lots of food and bubble tea around. 
While I get myself a drink, dd bought mushroom tempura from a store. Haha .. dd really love mushrooms.
But this store sell really nice deep fried golden mushrooms. It's juicy from inside & crispy from outside. Yum!!! Without fail, we went to eat 臭豆腐ohh ... Smell Smell ... Haha ... But we still prefer HK 臭豆腐 
Yuppie!!! Fireworks !!! Happy New Year 2012 ... Our first New Year countdown in Taipei 士林夜市... 
I wish & hope everyone around me will be happy & fortunate. But I'm already happy & fortunate cause I've my sweet dd been there for me as always .. Thank you dd ..  

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