Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What a wonderful trip for 10 Days

It has been a fulfilled trip which we had over the past 10 days. A trip I've been looking forward.
We've been traveling around in Taipei 臺北, Yilan依蘭 for Hotspring and Kaohsiung 高雄 to E-Da Theme Park義大遊樂世界.

Though I plan our initial itinerary but dd have filled in more great programs and places of interest over the days. He played the most important role for this whole entire trip. Thank You dd ..    

Day 1 .. 30th Dec 2011
Woke up early to catch our 0830hrs flight to Taipei... Hurray !!!! 
Before heading to board our flight we went around taking pictures with Angry Bird & get some bites to fill  our stomach. This is where we start our wonderful trip.
Finally we touch down at Taoyuan Airport 桃園機場 at about 1.10pm but we only manage to go thru custom after 2pm. Lucky we got the hotel to arrange someone to pick us up to the hotel where we'll be staying throughout our stay in Taipei.  City Inn Plus Hotel at 台北市中正區寶慶路63號 
I would claim their service was warmth, friendly & feel really comfortable staying there. They remember your name & your room number when you get back from shopping everyday. I will go back to this hotel again cause I really love to stay there. Not just for good service, the area is super convenient. Far Eastern Department Store is directly opposite our hotel where we're staying, 5min away from Ximen西門 train station Exit 3 and cut thru Station Exit 6 you will get to Ximending西門町 where you can find all the yummy food and shopping stuff.  
Look at the concept of our room. It's nice, clean & you just feel great staying there.
We've freshen up & heading to Ximending西門町, a popular shopping and fashion district in Taipei. This is where all the young people hang out. We chose to stay around this area cause it's so convenient with lots 
of stores and things to eat. That's the most important for my dd. 
Look at the building around us and those yummy food. DD was delighted eating happily around visiting store by store. The first day was so scary, we ate so many things within a short period of time. Tapioca Ball is one of my favorite among all and also a pack of guava too. Its fresh & juicy. dd love to eat the deep fried mushroom & sotong ball 花枝丸. But we had so fun walking around 西門町 and went over to others malls too. It's such a fun night! Yuppie!! But tummy round round. 
This is one of the popular duck which you must eat when you visit 西門町喔!   
This is another restaurant base on Modern Toilet Restaurant at 西門町喔! We've been there once but didn't revisit this place cause we find the food was average. But I believe people visit this place is more for the theme and Shaved ice with ice cream ^.^ 
 These cute & innovative stores were all found at Ximen Red House西門红楼 Do drop by cause there's more stores in there. I couldn't resist but bought some eco pouches, a tee & a eco bag there. Cause you don't find them outside the street market. It's created & designed themselves. 

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