Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 45/44

I had another splendid day on sunday. Celebrating early b'day with the Goh's Family =) They've specially baked a made with love strawberry cheesecake for me. That's so sweet of them. Though it's just a simple lunch with a home bake cake & 2 special cards from the lovely princesses. It's so sweet & really heartfelt.   
Think of it ... This year's b'day is so warmth unlike those that I had in the past. Feel so family. Love Love Love ... While we're having our lunch at Soup Restaurant, Ring Ring"Greeting from Rockhampton" When dd learnt that we're at his fav place , he told us he missed all the Chinese Yummie food during his away for a month. Not to worry dd .. we gotta go many places for food when you're back. 
It has be a fun filled day for dd too. Went shopping, Go Karting & Nice dinner.
Baby got another new toy while dd is shopping. dd had so much fun in the mall. Wearing dancing santa hat & took a video. That video was super hilarious. 
I would say, we both had a fun filled weekend. Yuppie!!!

Another Monday Blue has arrived. How did everyone managed this day. I woke up really early today for stock taking in the store. Well, there's always some gain behind. While I step out of the store to mac & get Food & Drinks, I saw dd's buddies & we had breakfast together. That's so coincidence. While we're having breakfast, I send dd a picture of us having breakfast together. 
Today dd is in afternoon shift, so he has more time in the apartment comparing to the regular hours. It was a rainy evening in Rockhampton, while we're having a discussion over our upcoming trip & also my secret day. (^.^)
We had chat quite a bit today. Happy !!!!

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