Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 43

Today has been another happy day for me. Though there's up & down at work, I'm not afraid anymore. 
Cause my secret is there to give me energy till the day arrive.
I have a great lunch with my Kaki & gotten my early BD present. She has chosen something for me which I really like! Wristlet pouch with printed butterflies & the vintage feel combo is prefect. But I will only start using this after my secret day is reveal. 
Like I mentioned before, this years's BD is different from the past which I had spend. This year I really happy celebrating with the people whom I really closed with. My dearly ferns & loves one. With their thoughtfulness & sweetness, I'm really delighted. Still wanna thank them. 

We didn't really manage to catch up much. Cause he was busy lending a listening ear, listening to their grief... But hope dd take good care of himself cause the weather has turn colder comparing to the days he were there. Take care sweetheart. 

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