Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 42

Its already mid week.. Everyone getting ready for TGIF? 
I'm getting ready for this day to come... Cause I'm looking forward to Sunday, our Private Crop party @ MWL. I'm preparing Shirley temple for that evening & the rest of the girlies is preparing food.  
Guess what! Finally my BD is round the corner in a few hours time. 
Time really flies. It's coming to an end of the year. Well,  did have a wish & indeed it came true. I shall reveal when the day gets closer... 
I had another happy afternoon lunch my dear colleague. Today we have simple chinese cuisine at Noodle Place Restaurant. Right after our lunch, we went straight for the private sale at Robinson... I got myself a beautiful watch for my BD .. Was hesitating to get it or not. So I discuss with dd & send him a picture. Finally we've a verdict! "BUY" 
Haha ... Anyway It's quite a great steal! @ 20% + 5% off. 
In fashion timepieces,  Marc Jacob is consider one of the brand which pricing is pretty controlled. 
Gotten it at this price was really great! The first MMJ watch was from dd & there's no discount. But lucky I got this at at better deal! Happy!!!!! 

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