Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 41

Yuppie!! BD is ending soon ... Though I went to work & not on my BD leave, I'm still happy. My little prices drew me a card for my BD. It's so cute & sweet to have her drawing the card for me. 
I met up with my ex colleague & had a great lunch catching up with her. Guess what? As promised, she bought me a lovely cheesecake for me to bring home & celebrate with my family. She so sweet & thoughtful. Received greetings from my ex-colleagues fm hk.. I really miss them very much. I hope to see them soon,  have fun together & eat together ... Really missed those days ... 

In the month of Oct, I had great time with my family, friends & love one. Everyone was so sweet & thoughtful for the past weeks. bringing me out, shopping, dinner, lunch, chill & many more. I had splendid October ... I love all the cards which was made by all the little ones filled with their drawing & colors.  
To me, a card is something which you can express all the feelings & well wishes in it. This is something which cannot be missed. 

I wish to be filled with lots of happiness and the people that I love will be blessed too ... 
Big Huggiz !!!

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