Monday, September 19, 2011

My MakeUp Fanatic Pal

This is my pretty pal miss elain-nio & also a Japanese makeup fanatic. You can talk to her anything about makeup on the latest Trend in varies of Brands. 
She review & share great find of beauty product in her beauty blog. 
Any interesting product which interest or captivate her, she will get them home & showcases her swatches to viewers on her hand or face. 
This is also to give viewers a better idea how does the color appears when it was applied on. Usually she will grade & showcase her daily makeup talking about the color, texture & the finishing. 
Been a makeup fanatic is not as easy as ABC. But she made it!!   
Her beauty blog was so popular. To me, I'd claim she's a makeup expert .. ◕‿◕
That's my Great Pal ...

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