Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 72

Today was the first Monday dd spending in Rockhampton.
It's not a super busy but yet tiring day cause everyone woke up & gathered @ 5.30 this morning.
For the up coming days, they will be on road driving orientation & get familiar with the route.
Thou it has been a hectic day for dd & he's team mates, but when come to dinner or supper time everyone were bright awake. They can cook so can you !!! Haha .. Check out what they have cooked.
I may not be present, by looking at the pics taken, everyone was enjoying themselves at the supermarket & back to their apartment cooking & having dinner or supper together.
Guess what!! dd had supper @ late night. Cooked Cream of Mushroom & got himself Hungry Jack aka Burger King. Opps!!! That's really alot at that hour ...

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