Sunday, September 18, 2011

Great girlfriend time with my Pal

Today's weather was extremely HOT!!! But I'll have to walk my baby to the Petshop for showering. Think she must be feeling really hot too.. 
My poor pal was waiting for me outside the petshop while we're still walking towards the Petshop. Kekeke ... If I happened to be late for 30min, I think she will be toasted. Haha !!!
Even thou the weather was bright & sunny, it doesn't change our plan. We still head to varies of places & we had so much fun & laughter along the way. 

Our girlfriend journey starts now!!!!
We went to varies of places today. Traveling from place to place. We started from  Books Actually, Strangelets ( both are located @ Yong Siak St ), Papermarket, Watami ( @ Raffles City ), Garrett popcorns, Share Tea (@ Wisma ), Artfriends, NBC, ( @Taka ), MWL, Carrefour to buy vacuum cleaner (@ PS ) & last but not least, my house experiencing how to make a cake house by using pattern papers.. Guess what!!! We made it !!! Hahahaha .. Will post & show everyone soon. 
Check out our long Journey walking from place to place starts from 10.50am & ends at about 7 plus ..  To me .. It's really tiring but still fun !!! 
Thank you girlfriend for your accompany ... Big Huggiz ... 

Books Actually located @ No.9 Yong Siak Street
Everything are so vintage which was sold in there. You can refresh your childhood memories in there too. Think it's a great place for a wedding photo shot ...  They do have another store @ Cineleisure, Birds & Co. 
STRANGLETS located @ No.9 Yong Siak Street
They carry varies designer's product in the store. 
E.g: Soap by Saipua ( they are indulgent treats or perfect gifts ), Bags, Accessories & they do carry Popaganda Pops (ice cream) sold in there too. These pops are made out of natural and even organic ingredient & locally produced. I tried this before & I introduce this pop to my gal & she love it. She had Mixed Berries which is one of my fav. Give it a try & you'll know the difference.

My favorite Beef Gukbap Stone Pot with a Cold Yuzu Soda, ... Yumm !!! My pal love the stone pot too...  Haha .. Do try the Matcha Tiramisu. It's simply melts in your mouth.. 
Garrett PopCorns @ Wisma
I bought Almond Caramel Crisp today. 
The Blue packaging was not released when it firstly came to Singapore. Regular small size is 9bucks. But if you've chosen Blue Packaging (with a seal) instead of the regular Frosted paper bag, be ready to get only 50% of what you usually buy in the regular frosted paper bag. 
I love to explore pretty things, even thou it's just about packaging. But I'm shock when I realized the size came out to be quite a big gap...  

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