Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Land Of Whimsy by Emeline

I had a great time attending class by Emeline from MWL today.
I get to know her from my a blog & this is also my first time attending her class.
While I'm viewing thru her projects which she have made, simplily fell in love & hopefully I can be like her too.
You don't see strong colors coming thru her projects. It's always soft colors that gives you a nice & cosy feel. This is what I like about her.  

Project for today : Land Of Whimsy
Enter the world with miniatures using Prima's latest (Pixie Glen) pattern & chipboards.
Build a mini book shelf, an miniature shadowbox, miniature shadow box & adorn these onto a unique baroque frame. Create miniature books from match - boxes. Sprinkle, dust and decorate chipboard pieces with Diamond Dust, Mica and Copic Markers

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