Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Pink Romantic Album

Opps .... 

I just realized I haven't been blogging for almost one & a half months.

How's everyone been doing out there? Busy with work, shopping (GSS) or scrapping?

I would like to share my latest Project with everyone. It's my " Pink Romantic Album"
This album was made specially for my lovable colleague. She's a nice, sweet & gracious lady. Given a chance working with her, it's really a my great pleasure. At times, I'm really willful at work. But this gracious lady will still put on a smile & been patience towards me.  So I'd still like to say a Big thank you to her.

She drop me a note & said" You touched my heart with your thoughtfulness & creativity" with this note it touched my heart too.

This is the album which was create specially for her. This album was made out from scratch including the the folder for this album & the Binder Spin (from Tim Holtz) too.  

Check out the following images ...

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