Friday, June 17, 2011

Banana Taipei Bag

Hi Lovely People ,

Check out the following lovely bag which I have own recently.

It's BANANA TAIPEI BAG !!!!!! Yuppy !!!!!!

This bag was founded in April 2010, their workshop has never stop receiving orders from all over the world! So much that the waiting time to get this bag is about 2 – 3 month as they can only produce a limited bag. The reason been, these bags are 80% Handmade and they can only produce 6 bags in an Hour! So can you imagine how many bags can they produce in a day & with Tons of Orders??

It's a 'Birkin bag in 100% cotton canvas with Eco friendly material and all 5 sides are printed on it's material. 

But the waiting is worth it!!! Currently I'm waiting for my Champs Lavender Grey to arrive in Sept ... 
Hahaha .. It's a must have bag & it became my everyday bag without failed. Though the waiting time is long.. I wouldn't mind cause I'm so in love with this bag. 

Check out the following link then you will know even more ... Celebrities are carrying these bags too... 

(Images & Information credit to 

Me & my Midnight Magenta >.<

It comes in a 11 colors ...
Article of 小S也是嬌蕉客!!!Sunset Orange
Another Taiwaness Actress with her Lake Blue Banana Bag 
Fish Leong with her Sweet Pink Banana Bag

Hebe and Ella with Midnight Magenta and
Sunset Orange Banana Bag

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