Saturday, January 14, 2012

What a wonderful trip for 10 Days

Day 10 .. 8th Jan 2012

Today is the last day in Taipei and we'll be leaving to the airport at 3.30pm. 
After our check out, we have some time before the driver come & pick us. So we went 西門町 again. My cute dd bought himself a charcoal knitted beanie & start wearing after he paid for it. As for me, I bought 2 boxes of donuts from Mister Donut. One for the myself & the other for the Hotel Staff.  I really love their hospitalilty thats why I got them something before we leave.  
I've never tried their donuts when we were there. But when I get back & tried on the following day, it's was so yummy. Regretted not buying one more box. 
Here we are at the airport after our check in. We went for a quick bite at Burger King. Look what I've ordered. Set for 2. It's so yummy and juicy comparing to the one we had in Singapore. We couldn't finish the whole meal so i pack them into a bag & brought them on board. Partly because we're running out of time. Hahahaha ..  
Wooo ... We're on board and going up up & away ... 
Bye Bye Taipei .. Ww'll be back & see you soon ..

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