Saturday, January 14, 2012

What a wonderful trip for 10 Days

Day 9 .. 7th Jan 2012

Here we are .. Melange Cafe 米朗琪咖啡 is located at 中山區中山北路二段16巷23號
This cafe do not take reservation unless for dinner time from 5 - 8pm. 
Try to go early to avoid crowd as it starts between 12-1pm and waiting time is about 1.5 - 2hrs. But we're lucky that day though we were there around 12.30pm. We've only waited for 30-40mins & got a table
Melange is famous in Waffle. Beside waffles, there served Salad, Sandwiches and Pizza too.
I would claim, the food are served Fresh and Hot. Really loved & missed all the food right now. 
It's so yummy. Love to be there soon again .. ^.^ 
Rating for this cafe is 4.5/5 (there's always room to improve even if their already very good)
The wait is worth it!!! Thumbs Up to Melange. 

Today's lunch was a treat by dd's cousin. Lucky they love & enjoy the food, otherwise I will feel so bad asking them to go to a place where they don't cater good food. 
After our lunch, we've parted to do our things. So dd and myself went around visiting different places before we go home tomorrow. 
Look at the menu from Melange. It's a newspaper look alike. The food are so yummy.
I have ordered Hot Matcha and dd ordered a Hot Fruit Tea. 
This is a must have when you're there. "Strawberries Waffle" I still can remember how it taste when I cut the first bite. Hot Fresh & Yummie!!!
This is the Seafood Salad which I mentioned earlier. Fresh Seafood & the greens are so fresh too. We've have also ordered their Club Sandwich & Tuna Sandwich. Again, the food are superb!

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