Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 39/ 38

There it goes .. Starting to count down from 30s. The day dd is coming back is drawing closer.
I'm wondering if dd will missed the time he spend in Rockhampton after coming back to SG ( ◕ڡ◕ ) 
dd had a great time last night at the foam party. I saw a picture which was capture by The Republick. 
The foam was huge ... Haha ... 

Flea Market day today ... dd woke up early & visited the flea stores. The stores open from 6am - 10am every Sunday. WoW!!! That's early.. 
Guess what I saw from the Flea?? Martha Steward Punches & scrapbooking stuff. 
dd was really nice. He took varies of picture & load them on FB for me to see what's they're selling & if I need anything. But the items are 20% higher than SG. So i didn't ask dd to buy anything. But he gotten something for me from the scrappy corner. He gotten me a 12x12 pattern paper pad & 2 set of stamps.. 
That's so sweet of him... Check out the Flea in Rockhampton. 

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