Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 37 - Soap Making Day (New Hobby !!!!)

Today is definitely not a Blue Monday for me. I had a great start today. Enjoying Soap Making this afternoon ... It's so fun!!! Love it & looking forward for more. I show dd & he said it's cute. I think he's impressed! I'm looking forward to make a pair of baby girl shoes for my niece, large bears, large hello kitty, with duo colors, Xmas Trees, Sheep & many more ... I'm going to get the Mica powder to dust on the soap which I made. Can't wait for the next class which I'm going to attend. Intermediate here I come !!!!!

Basic workshop is $ 35.00 (45-60min)
You'll be given a 250gm soap base (chose either solid or clear soap) can made up to 5-8pcs depending on the mould you have chosen. All other ingredient & tools will be provided during the workshop.  
Intermediate is $ 148.00 (180 - 300min )
You'll be given a 1kg soap base (chose either solid or clear soap) Of cause this can be made up to more than 10-15 pieces of bigger project or even more (depending on the mould) You can mixed varies of colors for intermediate class. This is definitely more interesting comparing to basic.  I'm planning to attend this workshop soon. How about you ???
Start Kit (Promo $162.00 instead of $ 202.00)
Premium Soap Base 4kg ( Promo 94.00) 
Limited to first 100 customer who attend the workshop.

At Soap Ministry, they only believe in saving Earth, Saving Skin & Saving Cost. 
◕ Saving Earth - Products are Biodegradable
◕ Saving Skin- Our products contain Natural Ingredient wholesome to your skin
◕ Saving Cost - They teach you the secrets of soap secrets of making in their workshops, and once you master it, you can enjoy a lifetime savings by pro ducting your own natural soaps from home. 

Check out the pictures which I have taken by steps to show everyone. This is the final product when it's completed & seal in the clear plastic. 

Number 1 Rule: Wash hand before starting. These are all the things which are required before starting.
Chose the mould ...
You'll need veg. glycerin 10ml, Vitamin E 1ml followed by 5ml essential Oil. (for 250gm soap base) 
Measure 10ml veg. glycerin, 1ml Vitamin E, droplets of coloring which you desire into this mixture
Chop up the soap base in small pieces 
Place it on a boiler 
Wait till it's fully melted, 
Pour soap base into the Jar with the ingredient which we've mixed earlier, followed by essential oil
Once ready, pour them into the mould & ready to set
Here you go... Completed Handmade Soap. 
Their really Cute !!!!! My Lavender Essential Bear & Hello Kitty ...

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