Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 59

Had A Great Weekend !
Enjoyed my weekends even dd is not in town. I'll still spend my days fruitfully so that he will not feel that I'm bored. I've planned my weekends - occupied the whole of October, meeting up with friends & celebrations .. dd .. See! I’m enjoying myself!
Yuppie... The days that I've been looking forward, finally arrived. 
Today is Day 59... 
I'm looking forward to 49 then 39, 29, 19, 9 ...... Hahaha
I've so many things which I wanna share with him. Even thou he knock off early, we couldn't catch up as much cause dd is exhausted. Well, luckily we've our ways to communicate ... As for today, I made 2 projects & I took some pics to show him what I made.  He will comment to let me know there is room for improvement and that is what I like about him.

Time Keeper Notebook was made with MT tapes & the Second project was meant for my little niece at her princessy room. 

I'm also delighted toreceive an accessory made of fabric from MINTY HEATHER. She used felt on her creative pieces. It is light weight, stylish & easy to mix & match. I'd say it is of reasonable price too. The one I bought for myself cost $45.00.
This is one of the most popular designs she has been designing. As these are handmade, the waiting time is about a week from the day you placed your order. 
It comes in variety of colours. 
There are Black, Red Ruby, Smokey Heather Grey, Navy ( if i didn't remember wrongly )
Please drop her an email for further enquiries.
By Minty Heather

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