Friday, September 30, 2011

Spring Beauty Look @ Backstage

"No Distractions," Backstage At Dries Van Noten
The Look for this Spring is about neutrality so the clothes truly take center stage.  
“Even a slight blush would’ve been a conflict with the clothes” 
Pearls Of Girls, Backstage @ Giorgio Armani
The creativity look of “Mother-of-pearl,” that delicate, iridescent, reflective color most notably found inside seashells.
Backstage @ Dolce & Gabbana, Sophia Does Sicily
My Fav. look for this Spring. 
These beauty look was a inspiration at the design duo’s Spring outing, where “Sophia Loren, ultimate Italian cinematic moments, and a Sicilian village festival” were all reference points for McGrath to play with. Imagining a “beautiful girl with that fresh skin,” 

"Very Donatella," Backstage @ Versace
It's about “gorgeous and rich” with ”big, bouncy blow-outs,” more specifically. Adding extensions so that every model had hair that swept below her shoulders—
A crafting creamy, clear complexions before etching in a full, natural brow. Finishing touches came by way of mascara on top and bottom lashes, and a glossy coat of clear lip balm dabbed onto pouts for a hint of moisturized shine.
A Throwback To Simpler Times, Backstage @ Prada
A retro coif that boasted a few twists & turn to keep if from looking dated. There's a refinement to the quirkiness Parting hair to the side" It's like a girl curling her hair & putting in a bobby pin before going out at night: this is to create the "homemade, not finished" quality.: It should almost look like she's put in too much product.
This is Palau's signature for the season 
Cat-Eyes And "Helmet-Like" Hair, Backstage @ Jil Sander
For This Spring Look was inspired by the 1950's but then becomes midcentury modern, which it such a sculptured look. Makeup was channeling the 50s as well, albeit a certain cross section of women from the time: the spa'ing set. Evoking the kind of woman  who makes time pampering-and her equally immaculate aesthetician. 
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