Thursday, September 29, 2011

Day 62

It's another "not so busy day" Saw some pictures which was loaded & realize dd went shopping & bought baby a boxer kangaroo plush toy. That's so sweet of my dd. Still remember us even though we are distance away from him.  There's some pictures which was taken in one of the mall. 
Check out the Victoria concept furnitures, Teapot, Cups & Saucers Set. It's so lovely... 
Though I'm not there, dd will take pictures of all great find & beautiful things which I like & share with me. Sweet Sweet ..    
But poor dd is still sick. Down with bad sore throat. Was it because it get worsen when he went out shopping today? Hope dd will recover soon ..   
As for me ... 
It has been a great outing with my sis today. Running errands & last min shopping before her baby's due date gets closer. But I'm looking forward to my little niece's arrival.. So hap-pie!!!! 
Even though there's lots of walking, shopping, carrying many bags of things but we still find it Fun! 
We were both exhausted only when we got into the cab & looking forward to reach home soon to relax.  
Fun Day with my sis !!!!

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