Monday, September 26, 2011

Day 65

It's another fresh Monday. Is it a blue or a cheerful One for you? 
I would claim mine was so blue. Not because of work but about my mac which was broke down last night while im starting to blog about fahion.
That was really sad for me cause i couldnt share with the people who have drop me an email and ask if i could blog about fashion too. But of cause i would love to share.. Regardless if its about scrapping, food, my little stories, my pals or even the new upcoming fashion blog. Please be patience with me for the time been. I currently blogging using an ipad.
So theres limited rooms for me to add interesting find and post in here. Give me sometime and I will blog what you wanna know soon... 
dd has been very nice cause he's finding ways to resolve and find solution for me about my Mac. In my heart I'm thinking, if dd is in town, I have not worries about technical issue cause it will be resolved in a breeze.
Today I didn't managed to catch up much with dd. That's so bad of me. I only remember to talk about my Mac what exactly happened and I didn't ask how was dd's burnt. Was it better now... Felt so gulity. Hopefully dd will get better and not worsen... Take care dd ...  
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