Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 67

It's another workshop day this weekend. Yuppie!! Attended PP's class' Standby, Action, Camera workshop. I had so much fun during the class & completed the project too. Haha!! If I don't finished & bring them home, It's gotta take me quite awhile to complete the whole project.
It's a Fun Day for me but busy day for dd ..
The routine of work process seems to be the same everyday. Woke super early & have to gather by 5.30am. Driving to the town where set up is needed. Start documenting, set up the equipments & climbing up & down on the ladder. To me it looks so tough especially under big hot sun.
Just wish dd will have to take care of himself & drink more water ..  
After all these tough work, what's for dinner tonight? It was KFC. But was told that it's tastier than SG & the portion was larger too. Hmm ... That make me waana eat Popeye tmr for lunch .. Yuppie!!! 
" I'm the Director for this Production " ◕‿◕ 
With my Scrappy Land Pals - Love Love Love ... PP & JT
" It's a working Day for my dd " ◕‿◕

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