Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 69

As mentioned yesterday, breakfast was made by dd .. Check out the picture. Proudly present to you my fav & dd's fav.. Bruschetta ... Made with love ohh .. It's a simple & yet healthy food. You should try making at home too.
It's another busy & sweaty day for dd again. Setting up & tearing down the equipment is really tiring. So when come to night time dd will be really tired. Like for today, we didn't mange to catch up much but at least I still mange to receive his call on & off .. And also knowing that he's fine & coping well.
This evening they went to Stockland Mall for dinner. Check out the stores in their city.
Guess what!!! dd got me a new hat for our regular weekend outing with baby. That is so thoughtful of my sweet dd ... Thank You !!

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