Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Scrapaholic Pal

Today I going to introduce one of my scrappy friend. Her name is Junni "Garfield the Cat" Haha.. 
Why garfield ??? ( shhhh .. secret between us) ... Let me think how should I describe about her ...

I would claim, she's a sweet & super duper nice caring girl. Whenever you are down & need a need a listening ear, she's always there for you no matter where you are.

She's my Yoguru, Scrapping, Gossiping great pal. I love her  ... hahahaha ... Guess how we started our friendship in Sept' 2010..

We both attended Sizzix Weekend Fun with Julianna Hudgins aka (Jewels) on 5th Aug'2010.

We weren't seating together but we're just a meter away. I didn't notice her until when we happened to be sharing a Sizzix machine. And she was really helpful. We didn't really get to talk much, but just feel she was really helpful & nice at that point of time. 

Ever since that class onwards, we happen to see each another by coincidence. Wether if she's on her way back to work during lunch time while I saw her coming down from escalator with her colleague to take a train back or at the cashier counter @ MWL. Usually we only Smile to each another, Hi & Bye..
If I didn't remember wrongly, we happen to see each another again at the workshop place & we got out number exchanged talking rubbish la. We even exchanged our first scrapping gift together. 
I made her a Tag with her name & in tagged with a Rose. 
All these was made out of Sizzix Die Tag, Alph and Handmade Rose. 
In return, she gave me a petite pot of mini Roses made out of Sizzix 3D Rose dies.  It was in purple. 
Wasn't she sweet??? 
From there on, we meet up very often.. We scrap together by attending the same class, exploring things, gossiping, chatting, sharing our personal stuff & last but not least ... shopping together !!!

Don't you think we sounds like lover? Hahaha .. But we're not .. But she always call me 阿嬷(granny) cause sometimes I'm really long winded reasoning out things or reminder.. And she's my 孙女 (granddaughter)
Because of her, I get to know a larger group of scrapper... Once awhile, we'll have gathering together scrapping @ Leela's place an have lots of fun !!! Really love all this gathering & of cause thanks to my great pal junni ... 

This is my great pal Junni ... 

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