Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Beautiful Sunday about Amy Tangerine & Baskin Robbins

It was a fruitful & happy Sunday for me...
How are you gals out there? Shopping, Resting or Scrapping??!!

Finally, I got my favorite Amy Tangerine collection from Papermarket this afternoon, even thou' it was incomplete but I'm already very happy. The print of these collection had blown me away.

But I called MWL later of the day & manage to reserve the Stitch Paper & some of the stickers which I had missed. 
Check out the images which I have taken for your preview.
If you really love her collection. Do visit Made With Love or Papermarket stores.
Pop Up Stickers, Die Cut Pack, Ribbons pack & some Alpha collection were sold out in both Stores.
But MWL will give you a better chance to own a bigger range. Pattern papers, stickers, clear stamps & Stitch paper are currently available.
For those who loves to own this awesome collection from Amy Tangerine
It's just a call away to Made With Love @ +65 6837 3464  -‿◕

And you can start your project with this collection I can't wait to get started ...  

Pattern Papers are $1.90, Stitch Paper $2.95, Stickers $7.95 - $9.95, Brads $7.95, Clear Stamps $11.95
My Favorite Cotton Candy Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins
Second great thing about today...
After a long wait, Cotton Candy is back by popular demand & I manage to a value scoop in a cup & enjoy this wonderful ice cream while I'm carrying my favorite collection of Amy Tangerine walking back home happily.
The taste was great & I love the color combo too. It's Purple with Pink.

I told my sweetheart about it & he knew this is my favorite.
You know what.. He bought me a pint of Cotton Candy... Hahahaha ...
But I didn't finished the whole tub. We shared thou'. He's my Baskins Robbins kaki but in actual fact, he's a Chocolate lover than Cotton Candy.
See ... Wasn't today a fruitful day for me ?? Hope you gals had a great one too ...
Cheers ...

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