Friday, January 21, 2011

It's all about Scrapbooking - 1

Hi Lovely people.. Thanks for dropping by here!

I'm crazy about SCRAPBOOKING!!!

I start scrapping since 2008. Ever since my dearly BFF told me about scrapbooking from Made With Love and I simply fall in love without knowing it. It's like a drug which you will stay tune every thursday to check what's new on the site & rush down during lunch hour to grab the latest collections. But I'd claim this is a healthy one even though it's addictive. 

It's hard to describe about SB. I started attending various of classes, picking up different technique, understand more about creating my design as a unique piece. It's a form of achievement and satisfaction when a project was finished. As it was handmade, I'd claim " It's unique and special" 

Coming this far, scrapping is still one of my favorite hobby without failed. I'd like to thank my sweetheart which have been giving me lots of support & patience. Whenever I'm finished with a new project, I will seek his opinion without failed. He will always say," Well Done DD, Keep It Up and Smile ;) But there's always room to improve & Jia You!! " That's my sweetheart! Thank You DD >.<

That gives me more confidence and I start Personal Customization since 2009
You can custom your own design for your friend, family or your love one. It can be a Layout, an Album, a Book, Stationery Personalization or even an Altered Arts ( beautifying item from it's original piece ) 

Workshops for Kids and Adult - ( All materials is provided )
Ever since I started to personalize for lovely people, with words of mouth from scrappers, friends, family and relatives, I start to conduct workshops for little kiddo and anyone who loves to know & learn after scrapping in late 2009. These have brought me even closer sharing my variable ideas & artworks with them. 

I've conduct 6 workshops for kids during their birthday parties. Kids will have heaps of fun making their own layout, pot of flowers or personalized pin wheels bearing their own names. 

I've conduct 3 workshops for adults during their tea parties & pre wedding gift making for the bride.    

For more enquire about my workshop and personalization. Please email me at 

I'd love to receive form of encouragement / advices from you too!

Following are some of the projects which I've did recently.
Happy viewing! 

Tag In a Folder. For you to keep all your memorable  notes & picture in the tag. It can go as long as you wish. This is to capture all your memories in it. How about a 12 Mths calendar in a Folder ?? >.<

This Fun & Lovable Pot was so popular during Mother's Day & Birthday. This Pot can be made for various of occasions. You can custom short memorable words, notes, photos or flowers for center piece. 

Rosette badges for a Tea Party
Customize Tag for friends or colleagues as a memorable gift

This was so out from scrapbooking. But I just wanna share. Cause I really love this. It was created used various baby products. It's called 3 Tier Diaper Cake. Thanks to my sweetheart which made this happened.  

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