Thursday, June 5, 2014

My Last Employment Day … 4th June 2014

Yesterday was officially my last employment day with a Fashion House.

A place where I chose to leave any persuade my dream as a Sweet Treats Home Baker.  

Lost in words of the place which I have worked for the past 1yr, 9 mths. It has been a great learning journey which I had and a memorable one. 

Working with an awesome designer team in London. They are great people and I love them. Lots of fun and laughter which we have spent together when we started our every first season in AW13. I really missed them from the bottom of my heart. 

I have great colleagues and good boss in Singapore too. They are not just colleagues but good friend/ sistas. Love working with them. While typing this mail, I missed my work area, responding mails to counterpart and getting ready for AW15… Hard to describe how I feel. Mixed feeling 
My leaving for this brand is not a happy thing but sadness as I really love my job and the people around me. I hope the decision which I have made will not cause any regrets. I do not want to disappoint anyone around me whom have been supporting me with the decision I have made. So i gotta Jia You !!! 

I miss my new friend in the office  Hehehehe ...
Leaving my dear friend "R". I wish her well and hope she will manage and cope well. She is like a little sister to me. Though the time we have spent are rather short, but we enjoyed each other's company during our first and last work trip. She play a great role in work and also a great assistant with the chef cooking in the apartment.

Our dialogue  : 
Me: What are we cooking today. Shopping at waitrose ..  
R: Open up plastic bag start digging out food.. Washing, cutting and chopping .. 
Me: Hey my vege is almost cook. Get ready the sauce
R: Okok .. I'm mixing … 
Me: Quick Quick.. you very slow lah … 

Wow!!! Our food are ready … We have so much fun cooking in the apartment… 
** She made great Tea everyday for me … Hahaha .. All food will come with a pot of tea without failed. Cause she is granny la. Must drink hot drink . Hehehehe … ^^
Here are some pictures that was capture during my last trip in London. 

thank you for visiting .. love missy l

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