Monday, June 9, 2014

Great Night Out ...

It has been a great night out with my ex-colleagues including my ex boss but her picture was not posted otherwise she is going to kill me. Haha.. 
We had seafood at Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant at 1 Fullerton Road and we bought popsicle after our dinner. Eating popsicle strolling to MBS. Nice !! But the weather was rather humid.  

My Happy Friend Rena  ◉◡◉
Smiley Oli and Serious Luke
Golden Almond Prawns
Mui Choi Kai Lan
Soon Hock Fish in Honey Tangy
Mee Goreng
Signature Chill Crab
Signature Black Pepper Crab
Fresh Cut Fruits Delight Combo
A Popsicle to complete out fruitful Dinner … 
We had a Lychee/Mango and Watermelon/Lime

thank you for visiting .. love missy l

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