Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hi There ...

Wondering why am I missing for the past weeks and what have I been up to???
Well .. I have been busy recently on my baking.. I would say, no more free time for exploring on different baking cause orders coming in on and off .. But it is a good thing for me and something which I'm looking forward to my goal as a full-time baker and to open a cottage feel store one fine day.
Almond Biscotti has been my everyday order which will never be missed every week. So over my weekends, it's all about baking the Almond Biscotti!!!  I would say.. This is my super number seller in Sugarlane cuppies 

But not just baking Biscotti, their  few orders which has been product over the weeks. Will post it shortly. There might not be many picture as yet in the blog on my Facebook, But I would say, more pictures will be coming up in August. Do LIKE me on my Facebook to see my made with love Bakes.

Xoxo ...

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