Saturday, December 3, 2011

2nd Outing After 76 Days

It's a rainny TGIF ... But yet our outing day .. 
I brought dd to one of my fav place. BIBIGO!!!! 
Initially, he was looking at the menu but I would think it doesn't really appetites him. 
But when the food are served, he really enjoyed himself so much.
But in the midst of eating, he was telling me, "raining, spicy & shiok!!! 
Especially Squid & Prol Bulgogi. Getting spicier the more you eat.  
I'm really happy dd enjoyed himself over our lunchy.  
Nothing else is more important than been happy. 
Check out what we have ordered... 

That's not all ... We went to catch our first movie after 76 days. 
Happy Feet 2 ...
I really love the movie. Love little Eric. He's so cute. There's some parts which are pretty touching too. Well, I would rate 4/5 for this show. 
I had a great outing with my sweetheart. Big huggiz ... 

Fried Mandoo 
(small size mandoo (dumpling) basket
Squid & Prol Bulgogi 
Oakwood char grilled pork, and calamari, marinated in spicy chili pepper sauce with mushroom and shishito peppers.
Chicken Kimchi Fried Rice
Kimchi fried rice with chicken in a sizzling hot stone bowl
Spicy Soft Tofu Stew
Spicy soft tofu stew in sizzling hot stone pot
Happy Feet 2 ...
Mark our first show after 76 days

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