Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pretty Wooden Pegs

My New Hobby ...
Making Wooden Pegs. But I wanna thanks some of my dear friends who have ordered this as their X'mas gift for their colleagues.. Hehe .. Love you girlies & thank for the support. Well, this is made with love & personalize so you won't find this outside. Haha ...
This is the peg which I'm referring that the girlies are ordering. Don't you think this is really nice? 
Actually I'm making this fas a X'mas gift for some of my colleagues too. Simple & Nice. 
It's not just about a wooden peg but to personalize for your colleagues or friends. 
Love Love Love this idea... haha ... Thanks to PP & L.
Check this link for more design... X'mas design will be coming up soon... 
Stay tune to my Blog & I will keep you posted.. Happy Viewing >.<

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