Saturday, November 12, 2011

Great Time With My Scrappy Pals

Remember I mentioned earlier about my swop with my scrappy pals on pegs? 
Check out the pegs we're created for each another. We had so much fun & laughter together. 
Starting from the swop @ MWL followed by Carls Jr. The laughter that we had during the dinner was GREAT! We're also planning for short trip together in the next quarter.   
It's not easy to find great pals. But I found a few from my scrapbooking world. 
We speak openly & not boastful. Really love to be with them. Even if I do not have time, I will still make up some times to meet up with them for just awhile. Feel really comfy been with them.   
Thumbs Up !!!!
Check out our pretty similarity iPhone cases which we had. Don't you think their cute? 
Polkadots & Ribbon icap on our iPhone 4S

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