Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Coffee Star by Dao

I went for lunch at Coffee Stars by Dao this afternoon. Though we didn't manage to stay longer but the 3 of us had a great time with lots of laughter.
The food is really tasty. I really love the prawn mango salad. Not too spicy & yet yummy. I ordered a Tom Yum Prawn rice noodle, the spicy is just right for me. taste really authentic & I will visit this place again. 
Rate: 4/5 "must try"
Coffee Stars by Dao known as Coffee Beans by Dao in Thailand, is a café-restaurant concept that has experienced tremendous success in Bangkok. 
Currently with 6 outlets, the café chain will make its foray into Chiangmai and Phuket in 2011. Singapore is the first country outside Thailand to enjoy this unique and dynamic dining experience.
The idea behind Coffee Stars by Dao is that of sophistication, embodied in its signature chandelier found in every outlet. The ambience is designed to provide a casual yet elegant, cozy yet trendy, dining experience for all.
Menu offers a wide array of authentic Thai cuisine and a spread of international desserts, satisfying our customers in every way, be it a main meal or just an indulgent tea break. Every food item is prepared with the best ingredients to excite even the most jaded palate. Our aim is to keep our customers coming back for more.
So don’t hesitate! Drop by to Coffee Stars by Dao today to enjoy a gastronomical treat and be pampered by their warm and friendly service.

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