Saturday, October 22, 2011

H&M + Versace Collection

No more immune to the allure of the fast/high-fashion hook-up, Versace have teamed up with H&M for their 2011 collection and the result is a certified hot mess (the good kind) of classic Versace prints and silhouettes that'll pump you up faster than Donatella's right-hand cosmetic enhancement man. That is, should you happen to stumble upon an H&M anytime soon? 

A quick look at the ad campaign images from the H&M + Versace collection, which will be released worldwide on November 17, 2011
Check out some of the collections ...
Leather Dress, SGD449 (Look 1)
Silk Blouse, SGD119, Silk Skirt, SGD199, Leather Jacket, SGD399 (Look 2) 
Silk Dress, SGD349 (Look 3)
Silk Dress, SGD349 (Look 4)
Silk Dress, SGD249 (Look 5)
Silk Dress, SGD249, Leggings, SGD59.90 (Look 6)
Dress, SGD199 (Look 7)
Metallic Dress, SGD399 (Look 8)
Silk Dress, SGD249, Bag, SGD199 (Look 9)
Silk Bustier, SGD199, Trousers, SGD119 (Look 10)

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