Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 52

I had a wonderful time with dd's family & I wanna thanks his 3rd sis who have arrange such a sweet early bday celebration for me. Both his nephew drew me a bday card. That was so sweet. 
The next moment, something touched my heart & teared eventually. My fav. Strawberry Shortcake coming towards me into the room & everyone is singing me a song. 
Really to hold the tear, who it just flow out in no time. 
My sweet dd sang me a solo bday song thru Skype too.. At that moment, I realise I'm really very lucky to have everyone in his family to celebrate with me, even thou' he's not in town. 
Think of it, at times it not about what kind of present you're going to receive on your bday. Is the people whom you're celebrating with. This is the best present I would love to have.. Celebrating with Families .. 
Though dd is not in SG now, I'd like to thank my sweet dd in advance agin, for all these wonderful early bday present for me..
Something which I'd used daily without failed. Capturing all the sweetness of memories out of it. 
Last but not least, The Heart of Asia ... Taiwan!
Thank you sweetheart for all these Wonderful Gifts...

As for my sweet dd ... it's eating & shopping again .. He had Baskin Robbins during lunch & ordered my fav. favor "Cotton Candy & his fav. Chocolate". Usually we shared when we buy in town. But this round he ordered large scoop & finished all buy himself! Opps!! Watch your waistline.. 
Guess What!!!! 
He create an album about kids wear. 
He has bought more pieces of baby & kids wear for his buddies, my nephew & niece. These are his new found for the day. 
I'm wondering if he need to create a Look Book for his great find of Kids /  Baby Wear in Rockhampton.

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