Saturday, October 29, 2011

Q-ing, Shopping, Hightea, Shopping, Dinner...

I had a fun & fruitful TGIF... "Double L" went Q-ing, Shopping.. Hightea.. Shopping.. & finally Dinner..
Ytd was the launched of iPhone 4S. We happened to meet at Bugis in the morning. Guess what?? Ended we're queuing together with for iPhone 4S. But she gotten hers earlier than me cause her service provider was from Starhub but mine was from Singtel. We both gotten 32gb White iphone4S for ourselves.  Have you gotten yourself one?

The photos resolution & colors was extremely fantastic for 4S. It can even capture fine detail. Don't you think that's really cool. I love taking picture anytime anywhere. So i decided to make a comparison over iPhone 4 vs 4S. 
4S are able to capture more define detail than iPhone 4.
The base col for iPhone 4 is more yellowish. But 4S has a whiter base than 4. I assume that's the reason why the picture which was capture is more lively & you feel like a 3D especially when images was taken from a black background. You try it & you'll understand what I meant. 
( Pretty in Pink with an icap )
After all the Q-ing, finally we start shopping for our things ... Haha ... We have so much fun @ Bugis Village & Orchard.. After all the walk, we finally decide to find a place for high tea & we chosen Arteatiq @Mandarin Gallery. I love the interior & ambience in this cafe.  
We ordered Afternoon Treats Special & we both ordered English Hibiscus Tea. I'd claim the tea & the food was not as good as what we expected. It's kinda disappointment. 
We both agreed the tea leaves are just an avg quality. If you've tried Tea from Cookie Museum @ Esplanade you'll understand what I meant. The afternoon treat which we've ordered are far too salty to enjoy except for the apple cake. Rating is just 2 out 5 ( for interior & ambiance)
Luckily our dinner make our day ... We had BiBiGo, a korean restaurant located @ raffles City. Do you know what does Bibigo means? In Korean means "to mix"and english "to-go". The Korea food was really good. I love what I have ordered, Spicy Seafood Soft Tofu Stew on Hot Stone & Leela ordered Chicken Kimchi Fried Rice. In additional we ordered Fried Mandoo as side dish. During our dinner, we've shared so much. The dinner was great & the outing was fantastic!
I'm going to bring dd there when he get back from Aus.

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