Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 68

Yuppie!!! It's TGIF !!!!
But it's for us & not for dd ... It has been a busy day setting up & wrapping the equipments. 
Poor dd had a bad headache today too. Must be the weather & not enough water that cause the headache.
I wish, hope & pray& hope the bad headache will be driven away...
These are the pictures which was capture during the out field today
Check our the brighten sun... It looks like a bright egg yoke. Isn't it pretty? While I'm looking at the picture, realise there's a part of the field was on fire. I'm wondering if it's set by someone deliberately or it caught on fire due to the dryness or weather. Working in such environment is so dangerous.  
Well, but I can feel though it's a tiring role for dd, I think he really enjoy himself there too .. Got to ask him tmr ◕‿◕ It's getting late & I'm turing in ... Thank you for reading & have a rest .. night night ..

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