Friday, September 16, 2011

" 76 Days @ Rockhampton "

Day 76 ..
This evening, dd have left for his work trip to Aus till 30th Nov.
Just feel something is missing. I then realize, he's presence is important to me. He's always there to share all my great finds, creations & anything which we can talk about.
He's not just my dd ... He's like my soul mate who I can share everything with & he understands me. Come of think of it .. How we met was really amazing. dd you will be missed by Baby & Myself ...
This is a project which I had made for dd to bring along for his trip.
5x4" Booklet Mini Album.
Pattern paper are from Amy Tangerine & Happy Days by Echo Park.
I made used of varies of MT tapes as part of embellishments.
Day 75 ..
Due to day light saver, GMT is 2hrs ahead of us.
Sleepy & yet delighted to receive dd's call this morning at 8.03am while he's waiting to transit from Brisbane to Rockhamton. 
Finally, dd touch down at the Land of Rockhamton at 1.03pm and today is a F&E day for dd but work will get started from tmr onwards. 
Think of it, it's like when I'm out for work trip, working 7 days a weeks even though it's PH or wkends. Those were the days.. 
Currently dd is staying at Rockhampton Serviced Apartments. Guess what?? dd had chinese cruising at noodle house this evening. Think he really loves chinese than fish & chip ( haha.. fat fat ...)
Check out the picture which I managed to capture from dd's fb. hahaha

Look dd ... Baby wore her new shoes for walk today. But she doesn't seems to like this pair of shoes.
While she lied on the floor at the pet shop, she kept kicking the shoes. Think it must be uncomfortable that's why. I'll let her wear back the white pair tmr when I bring her for shower.
Day 74 ..
A lucky day for dd ... He bought AUD1.00 lottery & won AUD 120.00 ◕‿◕
The lucky number came from both of our b'day dates. Check out the lunch which dd had this afternoon... It's MEGA!!!!
It's a lucky day for dd but it's a happy day for me cause I've attended new workshop this afternoon by Emeline, The Land of Whimsey & I decided to frame out pic on it. When it's completed I'm gotta show you dd ... 
Day 73 ..
Today was the first Sunday dd is spending in Aus. Our usual Sun practice is to bring baby out for walk. This Sun is starting to starts differently. DD will be in Aus & I'll spend mine in SG. Gotta get used to it for this 2.5mths :) 
Today was an off day for dd & he spend quite sometime in supermarket shopping for groceries & I went out with my pal & had a fruitful & fun outing.. But dd didn't manage to go much places. Just supermarket & went back briefing for drivers to orientate the Town in Rockhamton. 
But I believe dd will cope & manage well there. I will wish him good luck even thou we've distance away. He had turn in early today cos he will have to gather with the team by 5.30 in the morning. That's so early. My god!!! Going there is not luxury. You really have to slog man ...    
"DD Jia You ohh" ◕‿◕ you can do it.
We'll have this when you're back ... Huggiz  -

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