Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A FruitFul & Sweet Day - 29th Aug 2011

Finally, we manage to spend some time together before DD's Australia trip on 15th Sept'11.
It's going to be a long trip cause it's 3mths ... But I'm going to make use of my 3mths counting down fruitfully.. How ??? Still Thinking !!! Hahaha !!!!

Today was a Rainy wet day. But plan was not changed because of the weather ..
We kept our plans in mind & enjoy ourself. There's so much jokes & laughter thur' out the whole journey.   
We had a wonderful & fruitful outing today anytime, anywhere even though it's was drizzling after a heavy pour in the morning.   

I'm really a joker of the day. 
Wanna bring DD to a nice place for food in the afternoon @ Graze at Martin No.38.
I'm kinda surprise that this restaurant cater Bunch during Weekdays. Without hesitating I told DD that we're heading to this place & that's where the joke begins ...

Guess What???

OPPS !!!!! Restaurant is closed on Mon & Brunch is only available over the weekends..
Ohh Ohh ... DD look at me & ..... Hello  --____-- !!!
Keke ... See I told you ... I'm Sotong of the day... LOL!!!

Ended up, DD brought me to TCC @ By The Bay.
That was my first time visiting TCC there. The cafe was so cosy & nice. With the music which was played over our lunch, everything feels so sweet & romantic. Haha.. Maybe it because after raining.
I whispered to DD "No one else except us as if we've booked the whole Cafe" Hahaha ...

 The concept was slightly different from the rest of the outlets including the menu.
No images on the menu, just descriptions of the course of dishes which you wanna order.

DD had a Crab & Corn Chowder followed by Oven Baked Chicken Thigh with Black Pepper  Brown Jus. Last but not least, a glass of Blood Orange Passion  Freeze

I'm simpler ... Just a Seafood Aglio Olio & a Honey Citrus Fizz
We didn't take any dessert cause we're too full & there's no room for dessert to in take anything else.

But we took quite a number of pictures in TCC & By the Bay ...
It was a Great Outing ...

 ..... To Treasure & To Remember ....

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