Friday, August 5, 2011

Flor Pâtisserie by Chef Yamashita

FLOR Pâtisserie is a Japanese-styled patisserie serving authentic Japanese inspired French pastry, where you can choose to dine in or to take out.

I'm a strawberry shortcake lover. Searching for the best cake for my sweetheart's birthday. 
While I was searching online for Strawberry shortcake, I happened to see this article by an editor. 
That's where I get to know about Chef Yamashita from FLOR Pâtisserie.  

I made a trip down immediately right after I read the article.
But it took me more than an hour to hunt for this place. At last, I made it & found this little pâtisserie. 
It's a cosy little pâtisserie, where you can have a cup of English Breakfast Tea with a Slice of cake & relax. 
There are a few small tables & chairs too.   

I managed to placed an order of their Chef Signature cake Berry Berries for my sweetheart. 

The day when we received the cake, the light scent of fresh cream & fresh berries just blown us away in a brezze.

The fresh cream was so light, the berries was so fresh & sponge was so light & fluffy. This was the best Berry Berries cake which I've tried. 
LOVE IT !!!! 

BERRY BERRIES ベリーベリース ** Chef Signature

FLOR's signature soft sponge, that is made traditionally without baking powder nor any chemical raising agent, filled with fresh strawberries and luscious cream, topped with your favourite summer berries and fresh fruits.
Apart from Berry Berries, I've tried the following too ...  ( soccer ball & star candle are not included )

Framboise  フランボワーズ

Sitting on a base of FLOR's signature sponge cake, a tart raspberry mousse lightened with a single dollop of fresh cream and topped with a raspberry-kirsh jelly

Classic Chocolate クラッシック ショコラ
Rich 58% chocolate cake, dense and moist in the center, with a dollop of thick fresh cream and chocolate pearls.
Fromage Blanc フロマージュ ブラン
Special blueberry sauce encased in smooth rarecheese (chilled cheese mousse), set on a fragrant citrus almond tart base.
Napoleon ナポレオン *Best Seller *
The traditional Napoleon, made with Chef's signature puff pastry, the strawberry version.

Their located @2 Duxton Hill #01-01 Singapore

Tel : 65 6223 8628

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