Sunday, April 17, 2011


Easter Day happening in Spring ..

I love Easter. A day you start to shop for chocolates eggs, bunny rabbits candies, jelly beans & materials which you need to dye your easter eggs. Getting ready packing them in a lovable box, basket or even in a tin & it's ready to give away to all your love ones.

Rabbits & Eggs, a universal symbol of Easter represent symbolize new life ( Rebirth) 
Easter falls on the first Sunday after the full moon following the first day of spring.  
Easter Bunny came to America with the Germans in the 1700s.

I have created mine. How about you?


  1. hi there! I came here via Elaine's blog! She introduced me to you since she loves scrapbooking as well!

    She told me about your idea of going to the US for a crazy scrapbooking material hauling!

    I like to visit craftstore once in a while, and of course, buying them in conjunction with 50% coupons!!! haha! did I tell you I am a couponist too?

  2. and if by all means if you would like me to CP from the US, let me know! I am more than happy to do that for you!

  3. Hello ... Just realize my post was not sent to you .. So blur!!!

    Yeah!! Elaine is my BFF ... She's the one whom I get to know about scrapping. In a short period of time, I became a scrapaholic. Elaine will fainted whenever we shop together in a scarpbook store.
    Cause the things which I took was like buying it for free ... wahahaha ... It's like a drug & very addictive. But I'd claim it's a healthy one thou.

    Haha ... I love to visit the craft store in states in near future. I'm even thinking, it will be great if I'm able to attend the class in States. That's gotta be awesome.

    Thanks for your kind offer of shipping the items for me. Hehe ... I managed to shipped some from online stores already. Thank You ...
    Cheers ...

    How much do you love about scrapbooking? Do you scarp alot?